The blended style development programme that will move you from so-so to sensational

Your style speaks before you do when you walk into a room or show up online. It can make you look fab or drab and that is why it is such an important element of your personal brand. Why? Because the 55% of a first impression is visual. Unfortunatly it is the element that is often forgotten and that could be the difference between you securing a new client, getting that new job or meeting /keeping the partner of your dreams.

So whats your style story?

You buy things you like but they don’t often suit you and you have no real idea what your style is. You have body confidence issues to hide behind baggy clothing in dark colours. You want to show up online, on camera and in person with confidence, clarity and charisma. Are stuck in a style rut and not sure what to wear and wasting precious time in front of the wardrobe because you have 'nothing to wear'

You want to update your style as you enter a new stage in your life, business or career. You finding nothing fits anymore as your body weight distribution and shape has changed. You want to find the colours that suit you and your personal features, persoanality the best and show you off in the best light. You want to find a style that matches your personal brand that will take your life , business or career further.

You want to elevate your personal brand through your style and feel fabulous every day in every way. You want to be able to shop for clothes in a sustainable and stress free way that does not break the bank or lead to a melt down. You are ready to change up your style and re-write your style story but dont want to look the same as everyone else.

Styled for Success

This blended learning programme really packs a punch.

Based on your wants and needs and you will be looking stylish and showing up looking fly and fabulous in no time.

If you are longing to look at your style and how you can influnece people via what you wear and feel more confident in your daily style choices, saving you time and money in the long term.

This is for you if you want to know how to show up and feel more confident online with not only your style but your presentation. This is great for business and career women. Lets elevate your brand and get you visible.

If you are looking for a complete style overhaul but also want to think about how .your style choices can affect social and economic change by developing a capsule wardrobe with the support of other like minded women

By the end of this blended programme you will...

Have clarity on how you are going to get the success you want through your style.

Feel supported every step of the way and reduce the overwhelm of getting dressed.

Focus on the right things that will elevate their brand and future proof it so it is sustainable for their long term success through your style.

Show up dressed in a way that makes you feel fabulous and will influence others to want to work with and spend money with you.

Feel more confident in who you are (lumps, bumps, bones and all) and present what you stand for unapologetically.

Reduce the time and money spent deciding what to wear by having a well curated and coordinated wardrobe that matches your new found style and is sustainable. 

Free up time and increase your self esteem and worth so you feel great and ready to face the world every day.

Hope to see you inside!

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Styled For Success Bonuses

You will be given access my exclusive client group on Facebook The Success Sisterhood. The sisterhood is built on community, compassion and colloborations with the ethos that we are all stronger together. Inside the sisterhood you wll be give speacial notices and exclusive events.

In addition to this fress exclusive group Styled for Success also provides the following amazing bonuses to compliment the course.

Camera Confidence

'Camera Confidence - How to look Amazing Online'. I will take you through the tech, lighting, what to wear and how to present yourself so that you can show up and stand out as your authenitc self and so that customers want to work with you

Style For Stages & TV

Stand out on stages - Speaking on stages & media TV can be scary but also move the need for you brand. Wearing the right outfit can not only help you to create a great impression but feel comfortable and at easy to get you message across. The bonus will support you with this.

Sustainable Style

'Sustainable Style - Dress to save time, people the plant and not for profit' Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe that will make getting dress eveyday easier. A wardobe full of clothes that can be mixed, matched and suit your colouirng, body shape, lifestyle and personality.

This course will be updated in Autum / Winter 2022.

Book now you lock in the current low price with life time access to updates.

Styled For Success is delivered by Yvonne Phillip aka Yves - The Success Stylist

Yves is a Holistic Success and Visibility Consultant, Speaker and Author that supports entrepreneurs and employees to elevate their brands through strategy, style and self-care.

Coined the ‘The Visibility Queen’ and ‘Style Wing Woman’ by her clients and coaches. Yves has a 30 year portfolio career that has included corporate, community and the creative sectors. Yves has worked as a Model & Dancer, Video Director/Producer, Lifestyle Magazine Writer, Speaker & Presenter, Sustainable Stylist (Personal and Fashion), Event & Stage Manager, Trainer & Project Manager, Career Coach, Ninja Networker and has set up and ran an awarding winning multi six figure social enterprise.

Setbacks and challenges have been a part of her journey and she uses her personal transformation from broke, busted and burnout to successful, stylish and sustainable to inspire others in their personal and professional growth. ​Yves solutions empower you to look great on the outside, feel fabulous on the inside and have a mindset and strategy to achieve the success and balance you deserve out of your life, business and career.

Yves is a Londoner with Caribbean roots. She champions diversity and inclusion, sustainability and fairtrade and also finds the time to volunteer with the employment charity SmartWorks. Her other favourite things are “Mum time” spa days, ice cream, basketball and a late afternoon dance break around her studio.


How does Styled For Success take place?

Styled For Success is a blended style development programme. If contain 12 pre-recorded videos and and 4 workbooks together with the bonus content. You will have access to the private cleints members area to ask questions and share your style development and also monthly coaching calls.

What do I need to do?

You will need a pen, paper/journal or notebook. Time and a beverage of your choice when consuming the content. You will then need to put aside time to action and go through the workbooks.

What course material included?

A Styled for Success comes with a session notes and downloadable workbooks so you may wish to print it off but please try to edit it as we go along.

We will I get a recording of the day?

Yes, all the sessions are pre-record and you will have lifetilme access to the recording as well as any update.

How many others will be there on the day?

A Day of Style is an intimate space, with this in mind we may limited bookings

How long will I have access to the recording?

You will have lifetime access to the content.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Unfortunately this service does not have a payment plans attached to it.

Do you offer 1:1 support?

You will get plenty of 1:1 feedback during the day. However this is not a 1:1 service. If you are interested in that option please contact me.

Do you support men?

Yes, I do support men but Styeld For Success is specifically designed for women only.

How many people will be on the programme?

The is an open access programme and I want to support as many women as possible with there style development. As interested a bookings grow more coaching calls will be arranged :-)

So we are at a crossroads, you can either:

Waste time, more and effort trying to figure it out on your own. Staying invisible and hiding in clothes and colours that dont suit you, your lifestyle, brand or personality.  

You can hustle harder and faster to get the style that suits you a gain the same results leading to more overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout
You can take a few weeks to implement the exact steps that have worked for me and others and watch your confidence grow clients and customers start rolling in as you get visible through your style.

Get the expert support an dadvise you need and join a safe, supportive, collaborative community that will help you with all yourstyle needs. Allowing you to shine like the star that you are without apology or overwhelm.

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